Email Marketing Services

Few digital methods provide more benefits to brands in terms of ROI than high-quality email marketing. Email marketing services enable businesses to establish their authority and engage with customers in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. There’s a simple reason why companies of all sizes spend so much time and effort optimizing direct email marketing campaigns: it works.

At Funbizy, we understand the importance of email marketing and specialize in creating relevant content that gets a good response for our clients. When you employ our team to manage your email and newsletter marketing efforts, you will receive customized attention as well as a skilled group of agency professionals committed to delivering results. We’ll write well-written emails tailored to your email recipients, paying special attention to every detail to ensure that everything from the subject line to the signature moves you closer to your major goals.


It can be tough to keep a reader’s attention in an age of information overload. That is why we avoid using too much information in our custom email marketing content and instead aim to build consumable emails with clear calls to action. Our talented copywriters can create press releases and newsletters that are informative and appealing to recipients without losing their attention, while our talented designers can create newsletter headers and footers that carry through your brand’s individuality and strengthen your identity on the page.

Your firm,like us, is laser-focused on your ROI. We’ll collaborate with you to improve your email marketing performance and generate more leads, traffic, and revenues.


Our Email Marketing Strategy

We’re an SEO and email marketing firm with our sights set on the goal. We’ll build a thorough email strategy geared to convert to bring you the results you want. The more leads you have, as in many aspects of business, the better. With targeted techniques both on and off your website, our lead generation services may assist you in building an opt-in email subscriber list. As your email marketing managers, we will constantly capture all leads from your website and beyond in order to establish numerous subscriber lists and run a range of email campaigns tailored to the audience that will receive them in their mailbox. We can also set up “drip campaigns” to send out regular emails to your leads at a cadence that maximizes open rates and click-throughs.

To ensure that we’re continually capitalizing on what works (and not wasting time on what doesn’t), we’ll track key metrics of emailing campaigns, such as click-through-rate (CTR), and track all results on Google Analytics. You will receive regular progress reports so that you are always aware of what is going on and where we are experiencing results.

Whatever you’re offering, there’s a strong likelihood that your target market is active on email. Reaching out to them via their inbox is a powerful technique for capturing their attention and maintaining strong brand awareness. In terms of ROI, email marketing is the most direct – and often the most effective – way to engage with your audience, and an effective email marketing campaign may outperform both search and social media marketing.

The fundamental purpose of email marketing services is to transfer consumers from leads to customers, and then to satisfied customers who are more likely to return for another purchase. Email marketing campaigns that are optimized to appear to the right people at the right time with compelling content that drives them to click through to your website are the most effective.

It’s predicted that firms get “$44 for every $1” they spend on email marketing (source: Campaign Monitor). It’s a big driver of lead acquisition and retention, as well as many consumers’ favorite mode of communication.

“86% of customers enjoy receiving promotional emails” (source: Marketing Sherpa) from organizations with which they do business, and with nine billion people using email around the world, targeted email methods dramatically enhance your capacity to reach an interested audience far and wide.

Initiate Engagement, Drive Conversions.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain from email marketing. At Funbizy, we can assist you with planning, creating, executing, and monitoring email marketing campaigns that are specifically tailored to your brand's and audience's needs. To get started and attract more quality, converting visitors to your site, contact us at [email protected]. or [email protected].